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Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Already November!

Things are busy and hot here in Malawi as we enter into the beginning of rainy season. The air is humid and sticky as we wait along with all critters and creatures for the rains to come. The powerful, thunderous rains bring cool relief as they soak the dry dusty earth and shelter us from the intense sun. Soon the Malawian landscape will flourish and come alive with an array of green foliage. It is a beautiful time of year. I enjoy the rains greatly and look forward to their coming the most of all Malawi's weather, yet I do find myself missing the smells and colors of fall in California. I bring out a pumpkin candle to light whenever I can bear the added heat and enjoy the nostalgic smell it brings.

Kellen and I find ourselves busy as ever, balancing a variety of commitments that seek our attention. Kellen is working hard as he mentors, teaches, guides and loves on the high school students in his Northstar program, as well as several 9th graders in his literature and history classes. We had the Northstar students over for dinner and a movie the other night and reflected afterwards how much we enjoy them and the opportunity to develop relationships with them. One of the students commented that they had never been to one of their teachers' houses before and I realized the blessing that it is for us to minister in a small, intimate setting like the academy.

As the Christmas season fast approaches, I find images of little ballerinas dancing through my dreams (literally!) :) Myself and two other teachers have been working hard to prepare our ballet students for their recital in the Christmas Program our school will put on. We are working with 74 girls from the ages of 4 to 12 to choreograph, teach dances and design costumes. Despite all the work it is worth every minute to see the brilliant smiles on the girls and parents faces the night of the recital.

About a month ago, on Kellen's birthday, he surprised me with a puppy! There was a family at the academy whose Maltese had puppies and Kellen took the opportunity to get one for us. (He says that he got the puppy for me, but I know he wanted him just as much!) We named him Nacho. Those of you who are Nacho Libre fans will appreciate his namesake. :) We are definitely bias, but we think he is the best and cutest dog and enjoy him very much.