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Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Days in with Yamikani

What we can tell so farHe might be a bit of a mama's boy
He's going to be an animal-lover
He's gonna' be a baller
He'll help with chores
He will be a scholar
Top three issues we have with Yamikani:
1) He has bad morning breath
2) He has blown poop out of his diaper 4 times now, resulting in: laundry, gagging, spraying with hose, and "ewwww."
3) Waking up at very random times in the night. No pattern. He's on his own clock.
But these are dwarfed by the joy and excitement we have. Some highlights:
1) Rocking him to sleep on my chest.
2) Playing ball with him: soccer ball, basketball, tennis ball, whiffle ball so far.
3) His happy moods after eating when he laughs and plays and entertains.
It's been exhausting, but the good kind; when you know that you're tired for a good reason. It's definitely a new step in God's sanctification of my heart away from selfishness, impatience, and pride. Thanks for your prayers for Becca and me.